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Astrise real-time, embedded software expertise has been expanded successfully for a wide variety of system analysis and simulation software applications. Our expertise has been applied to the requirements definition, design, coding, testing and operational support phases of a system’s life cycle. High reliability, ease of maintainability, and low life cycle cost are attributes of Astrise-developed embedded software. Our capability has evolved with computer languages and operating systems and with the attendant improvements in throughput and memory, as well as the use of commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software in demonstration or fielded systems. Astrise continues to incorporate technological advances, such as reconfigurable computing, to better meet customer’s needs.




Powerful software for scientific and general purpose calculations that provides user with numerous mathematical and analysis functions, and allows unlimited extension of its functionality by means of user-defined types, operators, routines, and libraries. New version 3.1 is now available for downloading.
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