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XPascal programming language


XPascal is a high-level, interpreted, strongly typed, procedural oriented language that supports structured design and modular programming. Inspired by the classical Pascal language, and being designed primarily for scientific calculations, it has the following major distinctive features:

  • Native support for vectors and matrices

  • User-defined operators for user-defined types

  • Structured user-defined types

  • Support for interactive constant routine parameters

  • Chained assignment and relational expressions

  • Dynamic and static arrays

  • Efficient array access loop statements

  • Rich on high level routines for scientific analysis

  • Easy to learn simplified yet powerful grammar

XPascal also has special features that support Algebrus scientific analysis framework and development capabilities. Initially developed by Dr. Vladislav Apostolyuk, as a scripting language for scientific application software, XPascal is rapidly evolving to satisfy emerging needs for computational capabilities in scientific analysis.

XPascal syntax-highlighted editor



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