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Modelling and simulation

Mathematical modelling of inertial sensors is one of the most important part of the design process. We have a considerable expertise in mathematical modelling of different kinds of vibratory gyroscopes, such as
  • Coriolis vibratory gyroscopes (CVGs)
  • Hemispherical resonating gyroscopes (HRGs)
  • Dynamically tuned gyroscopes (DTGs)
  • Micro-mechanical vibratory gyroscopes

  • System simulation software


    Optimal sensor design


    Unique analytical design methodologies of micro-mechanical gyroscopes that were developed at Astrise allow efficient development of gyroscope sensitive elements with respect to the given desired performances.

    Such a performance driven design would be impossible without our own specialized design software. On the screenshot you can see the sensitive element design that could be directly exported to the mask file.

    Below the screenshot you can see the image of one of our fabricated micro-mechanical gyroscope prototypes.

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    MEMS gyroscope design software

    Fabricated MEMS gyroscope


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