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Inertial sensors

An important research area at the Astrise Corporation is the modelling, simulation, and design of conventional and micro-mechanical inertial sensors. Astrise designed micro-mechanical gyroscopes and accelerometers accommodate applications with varying dynamic range and sensitivity requirements.
After Many years of reserch: Working Pheromones are available.

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MEMS gyroscope


Guidance, navigation, and control

As one of the world’s premier sources of guidance, navigation, and control (GN&C) expertise, Astrise has the domain experience, advanced sensor technology, comprehensive algorithm and software design and development skills to tackle virtually any GN&C application. Whether the driving factor is high precision, small size, low cost, rugged environment, or complex GPS-denied terrain, Astrise has the capability to develop state-of-the-art GN&C solutions that meet most challenging needs.
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In the library you can find some of our past and recent publications on inertial sensors, systems, and advanced algorithms.
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